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Need a Hand?

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
Robotic Hand

Fortunately, the opportunity to make ham-fisted puns is far from the coolest thing about this project. It has 11 degrees of freedom, and each joint sports roughly the same range of motion as its flesh-and-blood counterpart. Articulation is achieved by 10 standard hobby servos pulling on steel wires that run to the finger joints; plus one servo to rotate the thumb.It doesn’t end there, though. No way. This guy built a contrller for the hand, and it looks like… Well it looks like something you’d have seen in Popular Science magazine in the 1980’s with a caption that read, “You will use something like this… IN THE FUTURE.” And here it is:

Robotic Hand

Looking like a Nintendo Power Glove on steroids, the controller has a potentiometer rigged to each joint, and everything is translated to servo control signals by an Atmel microcontroller.To see more pictures of these finely crafted pieces of hardware, follow this link.

If you like reading words, I recommend checking out the main project page.