Futaba Shows New Humanoid Robot at iHobbyExpo 2006

Futaba Robot

via Tom Atwood at Robot Magazine

At the iHobbyExpo at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, October 19-22, Futaba showed a new 20-servo humanoid robot.

Futaba reps noted it carries 11 high-torque servos and 9 lightweight servos, and it can be operated in at least two modes. One accesses canned programs and one enables motion editing using a PC. Demonstrations were performed using a game controller that communicated wirelessly. Signage indicated that it uses a 16-channel 2.4GHz radio and can run for 25 minutes on a charge. Canned routines included walking punching, kicking and bowing. Note close-up rear view image showing internal components as it bows; note also servo lead “bus” on leg and shoulder. Image of second robot was an earlier prototype mock-up showing a different style exterior. The robot has a projected street price in the U.S. of about $1,200.00. Availability is expected in coming months–Robot will keep you posted.

See also www.robots-dreams.com, where Lem Fugitt reports on the international rollout of the new Futaba robot and also offers a video clip of this bot in action!

Update: We are now carrying this Futaba RBT-1!!

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