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Futaba Shows New Humanoid Robot at iHobbyExpo 2006

Monday, October 23rd, 2006
Futaba Robot

via Tom Atwood at Robot Magazine

At the iHobbyExpo at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, October 19-22, Futaba showed a new 20-servo humanoid robot.

Futaba reps noted it carries 11 high-torque servos and 9 lightweight servos, and it can be operated in at least two modes. One accesses canned programs and one enables motion editing using a PC. Demonstrations were performed using a game controller that communicated wirelessly. Signage indicated that it uses a 16-channel 2.4GHz radio and can run for 25 minutes on a charge. Canned routines included walking punching, kicking and bowing. Note close-up rear view image showing internal components as it bows; note also servo lead “bus” on leg and shoulder. Image of second robot was an earlier prototype mock-up showing a different style exterior. The robot has a projected street price in the U.S. of about $1,200.00. Availability is expected in coming months–Robot will keep you posted.

See also, where Lem Fugitt reports on the international rollout of the new Futaba robot and also offers a video clip of this bot in action!

Update: We are now carrying this Futaba RBT-1!!