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The E-Maxx Robotics Platform is now available!

Thursday, October 12th, 2006
Emaxx Robot

The E-Maxx Robotics Platform

The Trossen Robotics team, partnering with the fine people at MachineBus, has taken this impressive RC beast to a new level. The shocks have been upgraded to extra-heavy Trinity springs, increasing the payload capacity. The gear ratio has been lowered to increase torque and reduce speed, allowing for more power and more precise motion control. The steering servo has been upgraded to a Hitec HS-645MG to aid steering at low speeds and on rough terrain. To maximize the space available for additional electronics, the truck is outfitted with a MachineBuss MaxxDeck. What was once a humble, off-the-shelf RC monster truck is now a powerful robotics workhorse!

The E-Maxx is the same RC platform used for the military Bombots. This RC truck boasts such attractive features as high quality interchangeable parts, powerful motors, a two-speed manual transmission, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel independent suspension, a large chassis, adjustable body mounting posts for attaching custom bodies and decks, four inches of ground clearance, and fully adjustable suspension. The E-Maxx is a serious piece of hardware.