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Robotics Connection Blog

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
Robotics Connection
Robotics Connection Serializer

Our friends over at Robotics Connection have started a blog to keep customers informed about their product updates. It’s just this kind of customer service that makes a good company. We plan on using the Serializer in many of our projects and future kits. Lots of good things will be coming out of Robotics Connection, they are a company worth keeping an eye on.

(Trossen Robotics is a reseller of Robotics Connection products)


The Automatika Dragon Runner

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
Dragon Runner

Another Company to look at if you have deep pockets (IE: research grants) and are in need of a very rugged chassis is Automatika.

This is another company we discovered at the 2006 Robobusiness show. Their Dragon Runner Robot can literaly be thrown from a moving vehicle for deployment! I personally have never seen anything tougher at this size. (12.2″ W x 15.5″ L x 6″ H / 14 lbs / spec sheet) These are military bots in the truest sense of the term. Check out this demo video of the Dragon Runner in action. (20 megs) It is hilarious to watch because they beat the crap out of their robot, literally throwing it out of 2nd story windows and moving vehicles.

Dragon Runner Abuse

Currently the Draggon Runner is made as a complete military remote presence package. We talked with Mr. Schempf, the owner, about providing the chassis and drive modules as commercial products. Mr. Schempf expressed interest in working with us to bring such a great high end solution to the market. If you have interest in using the Dragon Runner for a research project please give us a call at 877-898-1005.