USB Missile Launcher

USB Missile Launcher

This is nothing new, I’m sure you have all seen the USB Missile Launcher by now. However, this little office toy really got me thinking. An accurate rocket launcher is a great robotics challenge. The goal would be to identify and hit a target. This could be a personal project or even a school related project. Using a webcam with software a developer could recognize moving objects (like a co-worker) and track them with a missile launcher then try to hit them.

Unfortunatly, if you watch the videos of this product it is very slow and the missile lack any real accuracy or range. I think this project would have to be built using another missile system. However, the concept still remains the same. I’m sure there are lot’s of toy missile launchers out there which are better than this one which could be hacked and mounted onto a regular pan & tilt system. (See our selection here) Something like the Phidget 0/0/4 could be used to trigger a hacked toy missile launcher.

The vision recognition software is the tricky part, but I’ll give everyone an insider leak, we will have this software for sale or even possibly free beta testing this winter. Shhhhhh! 😉 (The software will use a regular Pc and webcam for a whole range of vision recognition capabilities at a very affordable price) I look forward to seeing what kind of fun missile systems people can build using PC based robotics!

Matt Trossen

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